Dengue en Cuba
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Dengue en Cuba

‘Holguin Nights’ Suspended Due To Increased Cases Of Dengue Fever /
14ymedio, Fernando Donate Ochoa
Posted on August 4, 2015

14ymedio, Fernando Donate Ochoa, 3 August 2015 — This weekend the
serious epidemiological situation in the city of Holguin forced it to
suspend the first celebration of Holguin Nights for the month of
August. The increase of dengue fever cases has sparked alarm among local
authorities who are asking people to take extreme measures to avoid

The popular festivities were cancelled after the kiosks selling food and
drinks on the Avenida de los Libertadores had already been
constructed. The central street is the main stage for this festival,
which mixes music, food and the sale of household products.

The Provincial Health Department has issued a report that explains that
between 100 and 150 foci of Aedes aegypti are identified daily in the
area. The figure has caused an increased rate of infestation of the
municipality of Holguin, which stands at 3.3, versus the 0.05 that,
under normal conditions, is common the area.

The worrying situation could affect the celebration of the Holguin
Carnivals, scheduled for August 20-23, and international tourism. The
province occupies third place in the national arrival of foreign visitors.

Several hospitals, such as the Lucia Iniguez Landin Clinical Surgical
Teaching Hospital, the Octavio de la Concepcion y de la Pedraja
Pediatric Hospital and the nursing subsidiary of the provincial capital,
have been turned into places of isolation for infected patients. In the
past two weeks 611 fever patients with nonspecific symptoms were tested
of which 258 were confirmed cases of dengue fever.

The health areas where the most cases were reported, between confirmed
and probable, are Mario Gutierrez with 1,052; Maximo Gomez, with 1,018,
and Reparto Alex Urquiola, joined by Pedro del Toro, which now has more
than 600 patients, according to what Dr. Elizabeth Segura Sierra,
director of public health in the territory, reported to the media.

Sunday 450 workers were mobilized in the rest of the province to support
the work of control and fumigation for the entire month of August.

Along with indoor spraying, intensive aerial spraying will take place
starting Tuesday morning.

Source: ‘Holguin Nights’ Suspended Due To Increased Cases Of Dengue
Fever / 14ymedio, Fernando Donate Ochoa | Translating Cuba –

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