Dengue en Cuba
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Dengue en Cuba

Growing Presence of the Dengue Fever Mosquito in Santa Clara / Yoel
Espinosa Medrano
Posted on October 6, 2013

SANTA CLARA, Cuba, October 1, 2013, Yoel Espinosa Medrano / This city has a total of 657 foci of the Aedes Aegypi
mosquito, 133 more compared 20 days ago, according to official data.

Juan José Pulido, director of Public Health for the area, reported on
provincial radio that the situation is alarming because the current
infestation rate is 1.01% with a tendency to increase, and the target
rate is 0.05%. It has been exacerbated by the hundreds of homes with
multiple infected sites.

The mosquitoes flourish mostly in containers where people store water.

The official did not report on the number of people infected with dengue

The most affected areas are Marta Abreu, Santa Clara and Nazareno.
Meanwhile, in the Arnaldo Milian Castro Provincial Hospital and the José
Luis Miranda Pediatric Hospital there are dozens of people in isolation
rooms and a large number being treated in their homes, supervised by a
physician and community nurse .

Unofficially it is known that at least 5 people have died from this
cause, including a pregnant woman.

“In the city there is also an increase in outbreaks of diarrhea, caused
mostly by water pollution due to failures, both in the supply networks
and in the plumbing; septic dumping the street is also an area of ??
concern, although the local party and government have made ??a great
effort to solve it,” reported Juan José Pulido.

From Cubanet

1 October 2013

Source: “Growing Presence of the Dengue Fever Mosquito in Santa Clara /
Yoel Espinosa Medrano | Translating Cuba” –

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