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Dengue en Cuba

Monthly Archives: July 2007

CUBA: THE MYTH OF CUBAN HEALTH CARE, MICHAEL MOORE GIVES IT A POWERFUL BOOST2007-07-13. National Review / Digital, July 30 , 2007, www.nationalreview.comJay Nordlinger MICHAEL MOORE has made another piece of pure propaganda. This film, called Sicko, attacks the American health-care system. You will agree that there is a lot to attack. But Moore glorifies […] Continue reading
EL CUESTIONADO MITO DE LOS AVANCES DEL SISTEMA DE SALUD DE CUBA2007-07-04.Dr. Darsi Ferrer, dir. Centro de Salud y Derechos Humanos "Juan Bruno Zayas" La Habana, 30 de Junio de 2007. Los logros del sistema de salud cubano corresponden a la realidad de los servicios que se brindan en los centros e instalaciones destinadas a […] Continue reading
DEBUNKING THE MYTHICAL ADVANCES OF THE CUBAN HEALTH SYSTEM2007-07-04.Dr. Darsi Ferrer, Director Center for Health and Human Rights "Juan Bruno Zayas" Havana, June 30, 2007. The achievements of the Cuban Health System reflect the reality of the services offered in the centers and installations devoted to medical attention for foreigners and the members of the […] Continue reading